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The term non-destructive testing (NDT) covers a range of methods used to verify the integrity of parts, components, materials and structures without damaging them. Non-destructive testing supplements destructive testing, which is carried out to determine the strength of structures by methods such as breaking, peeling, etc.

The NDT market has expanded rapidly over the past decade. NDT makes it possible to meet increasingly stringent safety, risk management and quality requirements. NDT is carried out during the various stages in the part life cycle – production (forging, casting, etc.), operation and maintenance.

NDT provides a way to detect internal defects in the structure of the parts or components tested. It is used to monitor equipment and ensure proper aging to help prevent equipment failure.

Actemium delivers NDT systems and services that improve your industrial performance and ensure the product reliability that your customers expect.



Ensure the reliability and safety of your products

NDT is used more particularly for high-cost parts and parts requiring high reliability in service (jet aircraft engines, LNG carrier tanks, nuclear power plant components, etc.). The use of NDT is therefore an integral part of the total safety concept.




Provide additional services

As safety standards are tightened across many industrial sectors, increasingly complex NDT methods are coming into use. We help you define your test requirements and formulate test procedures. As service providers we of course offer the full range of state-of-the-art equipment to perform NDT and draw up the inspection reports for our customers, with comprehensive test traceability.




Satisfy your customers

The Actemium network of business units is completely independent of the industries calling on our services. This guarantees the impartiality of the NDT that we perform, a crucial factor in winning the trust of your customers and ensuring their satisfaction.





As-cast parts and materials

NDT is carried out on as-cast parts and materials or directly after forging and pre-machining. Testing is performed from the surface to the core, whatever the part’s geometry or dimensions. NDT reveals the slightest defect.




After machining

The various machining processes used on parts and components – perforation, boring, shot peening, etc. – may impact their quality. NDT defects that appear during these manufacturing stages as well as the presence of residual deposits.




Full-scale testing

NDT is the best way to check the integrity of an entire piece of equipment. For example, it is used to test the leak tightness of LNG storage facility membranes (in LNG carriers, onshore storage tanks, etc.), welds, process circuits (pharmaceuticals, food processing, etc.), heat exchangers and even refrigeration systems (ice skating rinks, etc.).




State-of-the-art technology  aaa

We build on our experience of nearly half a century to provide the full range of techniques currently in use, including computed tomography, leak, eddy current, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, x and gamma ray radiography testing. Meanwhile, we carry out an uninterrupted technology watch to give our customers the benefits of ongoing technical progress in NDT.

Services and solutions

As service providers, we perform all types of NDT. We also supply and integrate solutions (x and gamma ray radiography, ultrasonic, etc.) suited to the needs of our customers and are able to develop the full range of related equipment needed to operate them. Our solutions and services include the sale of equipment, accessories and consumables in addition to turnkey NDT systems.

Turnkey or a la carte services

We support our customers’ NDT projects around the world, providing comprehensive services ranging from engineering to testing services and equipment maintenance. But we also provide single services on site or in our workshops. Similarly, when our customers perform the tests directly, we assist them in analysing the data sheets and interpreting the results obtained.





Virtually every industrial sector now carries out NDT and our teams operate across all of them. To better meet our customers’ needs, four networked business units deliver our NDT solutions and services. All of them are duly certified and licensed.

Actemium NDT Aerospace

  • Civilian and military aircraft, launchers.

Actemium NDT Engineering & Services

  • Nuclear, LNG tankers, petrochemicals, oil & gas, sheet metal fabrication, food processing, pharmaceuticals, research centres.
Actemium NDT Products & Systems

  • Definition of customer requirements and manufacturing, distribution, integration and maintenance of NDT (x and gamma ray radiography, ultrasonic, etc.) systems suited to customer needs
Actemium NDS Nürnberg

  • Inspection and supply of turnkey NDT systems.




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