MES at a glance

Manufacturing Execution System (M.E.S)

MES is a shop floor information system that enables you to collect the full range of production data in real time, from raw material acceptance to finished product shipment. This in turn helps you to reduce your costs and enhance your performance.




MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a shop floor software package that collects full manufacturing data on the ground and supports real-time indicator tracking. It is designed to help you optimise your industrial performance.


MES constitutes the link between ERP, which coordinates the full range of the company’s activities, and supervision software, which controls shop floor production equipment.






MES meets shop floor requirements

MES enables you to set up very precise indicators to closely track production. This gives you better control of such parameters as costs, manufacturing capacity, energy consumption and waste management.

MES enables you to better assign skills and tasks and better manage contingencies. It gives you the precise, real-time data you need to support decision-making.

MES keeps you abreast of the progress made on each order and updates your production schedule in real time.

MES: concrete applications

Measure the performance and efficiency of your production facility in real time. Track your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), organise production operations to ensure on-time delivery and monitor personnel and equipment workload to achieve better management of the full range of your resources.

Track inventory, processes and work flows – from raw material acceptance to product shipment – to control product quality, reduce process variability and ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

Improve the responsiveness of your maintenance teams, track their work and manage preventive and predictive action. With a better overview of contingencies, you can better control your equipment.

Actemium's expertise

We have longstanding experience with the main commercial MES solutions and can therefore help you make the choices best suited to your needs and budget. We programme the functional modules to address your specific issues.

The introduction of a MES system is a fully-fledged company project. We support you throughout the process, from specification drafting to employee training.

Regulations are central to our methodology: we work with a Project Quality Plan and meet the requirements of standards including ISO 9001, S95, ISA95 and S88.

MES for all sectors

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