Systems & Networks

Actemium Malaysia, Systems & Networks, caters to Industrial Automation and Industries in general by developing products and providing solutions where conventional control systems such as PLC or CNC systems are not suited or preferred.

Main areas of operation of Actemium Malaysia, Systems & Networks are:

  •     Product development for control and information management
  •     Real-time and communication solutions over different protocols, medium and security
  •     Provide solution in areas where conventional PLC based solutions are not apt
  •     Assist industry in prototyping a product
  •     Embedded design and development services


Actemium Malaysia, Systems & Networks is headed by people with more than two decades of experience in Embedded Systems, Process and Mechanical Engg. This gives customer an advantage of fast prototyping and quick turnaround in getting a solution for a given requirement.

 Actemium Malaysia, Systems & Networks along with other business units from the group offer solutions on following domains:

  •     Embedded Electronics
  •     Software & Industrial Communication
  •     Mechanicals
  •     Electricals
  •     Application & Processes



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