Expertise / Know-how

Actemium has expertise in Industrial communication and networking in

  • Implementation of various protocols
  • Conversion of one protocol into another
  • Converting media of protocol
  • Customized implementation of protocols
  • Implementation of protocols over WAN using various communication technologies such as GSM, 3G, Fibre optic
  • Information transmission protocols with high security
Communication Expertise

Embedded Solutions

Actemium provides Embedded solutions using

  • All type of Microcontrollers/ Microprocessors
  • ARM Core/ Intel based Microprocessors
  • DSP Centric board and application design
  • Device development with various types of displays from LED based to Touch interface Colour LCD with Graphics
  • Assembly, C, RTOS based software development
  • PCI/ IDE based card design with driver development



  • Object detection using Radar sensing
  • Special Purpose Machines for testing, production with mechanical structures
  • Power Electronics - design and development
  • Prototyping with PCB design expertise and a good vendor base to handle complicated types of components
  • Expertise to design and to handle RF
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