Lighting Management System and Emergency Lighting


Our group is into energy efficiency offerings & has partnered with various firms to implement Energy Management Solutions under our Energy Efficiency Vertical.

Today, increasing energy costs, global warming, changing regulations and the need for a strong brand image are encouraging more and more companies to adopt energy management systems and move to Greener Solutions.

Lighting Management Systems play a key role in energy conversation.



We are a company who give prime importance to SAFETY of people and property. We believe one of the true tests of a leadership is the ability to recognize the problem before it becomes emergency.

We offer Emergency Lighting & Escape Routing Solutions which are very much essential as per National Building Code. With multiple installations around the world we adhere to world's best safety standards.

Our solutions in Emergency Lighting & Escape Routing are ready made for use in Commercial Complexes, Large Buildings, Malls, Factories, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Hotels among others.

Our great strength being monitoring, testing, logging and control of all Emergency points there by helping easy installation and maintenance.

Actemium along with RP Technik, Germany have teamed up to provide Safety solutions under our Life Safety and Emergency Lighting vertical.Along with this mail find attached our products and solutions.

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